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Ergonomics is the study of people in their workplace and is the process in which workplaces, products and systems are designed or rearranged so that they fit the people who use them. It aims to improve workspaces and environments to reduce the risk of injury.

What Is The First Step?

Ergonomics is a new science which is the result of years of research and surveys in physiology, psychology, and engineering. It involves a number of other subjects like:

  1. Biomechanics- the study of strength, force, levers, and muscles.
  2. Anthropometry- the study of populations, variations, and body sizes
  3. Environmental physics- science related to human senses, noise, light, etc.
  4. Psychology- the study of groups, learning, communications, adaptability, etc.

Some common ergonomic risk factors associated with the task include:

Awkward postures.

  1. Prolonged positions.
  2. Repetitive movements.
  3. Excessive force.
  4. Contact stress.
  5. Environmental conditions such as heat, cold, loud noise and poor visibility.
  6. Vibration.


How does physiotherapy improve your posture?
Physiotherapy plays a great role in improving poor posture. Physiotherapy evaluates your body mechanism, mobility and strength to determine what exactly needs to be done. The commonly used techniques are-

  1. Joint Mobilization- This is a hands-on treatment technique for musculoskeletal conditions. Usually this method is targeted towards the synovial joints to achieve therapeutic effect.
  2. Dry needling- A needle is inserted gently into your skin to target the muscle that’s triggering the pain. A jump response upon inserting the needle is a good sign. It indicates that the therapy is working fine. It increases blood circulation in the targeted area and helps relax your muscles.
  3. Exercise- Moderate exercises, especially yoga and pilates, are very effective in treating posture-related pain. Yoga poses like bhujang asana, dhanurasana, padmasana stretch your muscles, spine and reduce body pain.

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