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We are engaged in providing physiotherapy treatment services that includes all types of joint pain management for example knee pain(arthiritis),cervical,lowback pain,frozen shoulder,tennis elbow,carpel tunnel syndrome, ankle sprain paraplegia-paralysis, hemiplegia stroke, spina bifida, joint pain, soft tissue pain, disc prolapse, osteoarthritis, sciatice, sports injury, post operative complications, neuro rehabilitation supports, theraband, physio equipments, braces and spondylosis.


Every persons experience low back pain or neck pain once in his or her life. Most common and traditional way to treat back or neck pain, say any spine related pain is to consult the orthopedics and they will prescribe analgesics and muscle relaxants combination medicine. This will help to suppress the symptoms like pain and swelling. But it can not affect the exact origin or say main cause of spine related problems like back pain or neck pain.

Here the role comes for physiotherapy treatment. Most of the spine related pain occurs due to some mechanical problems, not pathological problems. Physiotherapy assessment helps to rule out exact cause of pain and problem. Then the treatment protocol designs to cure not only symptoms but to cure the exact cause of the pain and problems.

Most common cause of back and neck pain are..

  1. Faulty posture during work and routine activities
  2. sports injury
  3. Disc herniation
  4. muscles strains
  5. degenerative spinal conditions
  6. lack of exercises and sedentary lifestyle
  7. less intake of calcium and vitamin D
  8. osteoporosis
  9. smoking
  10. stress.


We treat below mentioned conditions of various joints of our body.

  1. Frozen Shoulder
  2. Rotator Cuff Injuries And Weakness
  3. Biceps Tendinitis
  4. Supraspinatus Tear
  5. Post Operative Glenoind Labral Tear Rehab
  6. Tennis Elbow
  7. Wrist Joint Pain
  8. DeQuiren`s Disease
  9. Hip Joint Arthritis
  10. Sacro Iliac Joint Pain
  11. Knee Osteoarthritis
  12. ACL Ligament Injury Rehab
  13. Ligament Injuries treatment
  14. Meniscus Injuries and Damage Treatment
  15. Ankle Sprain
  16. Heel Pain
  17. Plantar Fascitis

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