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What is an intensive care physician?

An intensive care physician (or intensivist) is a medical doctor who specializes in worrying for critically sick patients. Intensive care physicians work inside intensive care units, which normally operate in foremost hospitals with access to all sorts of bedside, laboratory, radiology, and different investigative departments. At HealthBox polyclinic we have the best Doctors for Critical Care in Pimpri-Chinchwad.

How is an intensivist distinctive from different specialists who treat critically sick patients?

Rather than specializing in specific body systems – like cardiologist (the heart and vascular system) or pulmonologist (the lungs and breathing system) – intensivists take a complete method to caring for ICU patients.
The intensivist has the primary duty for the ICU patient’s care versus performing as a consultant, as many experts do. In this role, she or he leads a crew of caregivers who’re specialists in different specialties. The intensivist additionally oversees the various decisions involved in a critically sick patient’s care and coordinates all of the different services the patient may also need – including the ones from specialists. Dr. Abhishek Karmalkar is a expert & experienced Intensivist In Pimpri Chinchwad at Health Box Polyclinic

What do intensive care physicians treat?

Intensivist in pimpri chinchwad provides the full range of services for comprehensive, patient-focused management of various critical care conditions. We offer sophisticated care with round-the-clock monitoring, adequate life support, and specialized nursing to critically ill patients. Also the Centre is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology and skills to ensure the patient’s safety and superior clinical outcomes, along with the reduced length of stay, lesser mortality, and almost no infection rate.

An intensive care physician treats patients who have any medical or surgical illness or operation that requires critical care support – generally life-threatening major illnesses or operations where high-level life support is required.

How do Doctors for Critical Care enhance the quality of care in the ICU?

  1. Improved patient outcomes, along with survival rates.
  2. Reduced complications
  3. Shorter lengths of stay in the ICU
  4. Enhanced medication safety

Some common procedures include:

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