Post Fracture Stiffness

Treatment for Post Fracture Stiffness in Pimpri-Chinchwad at Health Box Polyclinic

Treatment for Post Fracture Stiffness in Pimpri-Chinchwad

After immobilization for few weeks usually patients will have pain swelling and stiffness of the joints. elevation of the part, pain killers, application of external oil will give temporary relief.
A course of physiotherapy traeatment followed by exercise 10to 15 days give excellant improvement.patients go back to normal life styleand can be productive and pain free with immediate physiotherapy

What Is Post Fracture Stiffness?

Post fracture stiffness creates much trouble for the individual as it becomes difficult to make movements. In order to cure this problem, we provide excellent treatment for post fracture stiffness with the help of various equipments and exercises helping patients to get back to their routine. Our imparted Post Fracture Stiffness treatment including Treatment For A Broken Ankle, Treatment For A Broken Wrist, and Treatment For A Broken Wrist have been praised by the patients for effectiveness and maximum results. We ensure all the exercises and processes for Post Fracture Stiffness Treatment are carried out with extreme care and precision.

Why is Physiotherapy important for fracture treatment?

Most fractures ie. broken bones will heal in usually six weeks. But that is only half of the problem. Unfortunately when you have enough stress placed through your body to fracture a bone, there’s usually a lot of other soft tissues and structures that have been damaged in the process. Add to that the common use of immobilisation in plaster, you’ll have joint stiffness and considerable muscle weakness.

When should you start Physiotherapy after a fracture?

Physiotherapy is often recommended by doctors to accelerate the healing process once bone is aligned. Physiotherapy manipulation, electrotherapy, joint mobilization techniques and exercises will aid strengthening the bone and the surrounding tissue. This process will help the patient recovery by accelerating healing, reduce pain and swelling, and improve range of motion.

  • Seek treatment at an early stage
  • Ensure your physiotherapist provides you with home exercises.

Physiotherapist will be involved during different phases of the recovery period.

How do you reduce muscle stiffness after fracture?

Muscle stiffness is a common complication that occurs after a fracture. You can follow the following measure to keep this in check:

  • Keeping the joints around the affected area mobile may prevent stiffness in these joints.
  • After the cast is removed and as per doctor’s advice, stretching exercises can be performed to reduce muscle stiffness.
  • Applying hot packs or hot water fermentation will improve the blood supply and make the joints more flexible.
  • Using the affected limb more often in day to day activities will help to regain and restore its function, thus reducing stiffness.

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